Consultants International

Consultants International is active in the international legal, tax and financial practice. We advise our clients on a broad range of issues connected with the operation of their business.

 Way we work
We provide practical, fast and down-to-earth solutions. No complicated memo’s without providing the answer. We want to know what drives our clients and take this as a starting point. Difficulties or problems should be regarded as opportunities and challenges, which we would like to expand together with our client. Developing a long lasting relationship is our number one priority, based on a personal approach, quality and transparency. No need to say that this applies also to our invoicing policy. ‘Spontaneous work delivery’ is not included in our dictionary.

Working area
The focus of Consultants International is on international business and trade, with the emphasis on Central and South East Europe. We can rely on an extensive international network to provide our clients with tailor-made services, irrespective of their geographical wishes.

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